Invasive Stucco Inspection

This method identifies the amount of moisture in particular areas by drilling small holes and inserting a moisture probe into the area. The probe holes are then filled with a silicone caulk that matches the color of the stucco and blend into the system.

You might need an invasive stucco inspection if:

  • the exterior walls show long, thin cracks.
  • dark stains are present along the walls.
  • the walls bulge in certain areas.

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Visual Stucco Inspection

One of our inspectors will visually examine your home completely and look for telltale signs of moisture. These include cracks, bulges, dark staining, improper flashing, and general amounts of stucco running below grade.

You might need a visual stucco inspection if:

  • the siding has ever leaked.
  • the walls crack or bulge in certain areas.
  • the home's caulk is missing or appears aged.

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Thermo Tool Stucco Inspection

Using infrared technology, an inspector will create a thermal image of the home, showing the different temperatures measured and marking areas with varying levels of moisture that can cause future problems.

You might need a thermal stucco inspection if:

  • the exterior walls show long, thin cracks.
  • window sills show water damage.
  • the smell of wet or rotting wood is present.

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Third Party EIFS Inspection

Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS) is often referred to as synthetic stucco or Dryvit and is common on newer homes. A third party EIFS inspector can ensure any problems specific to this type of stucco are addressed directly.

You might need a third party EIFS inspection to:

  • verify if a stucco installation was done properly.
  • confirm that all issues have been addressed.
  • keep another stucco contractor accountable.

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